May. 4th, 2017

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Actual Rhubarb, not sotto voce actor's mutterings. And yes, I realise that as I live so close to the Rhubarb Triangle I have it easier than some of the rest of you might. SorryNotSorry.
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For various reasons I ended up with an unexpected bunch of asparagus today. I also had a migraine and very little motivation to cook anything complicated, so Hollandaise Sauce was right out (which is a shame because asparagus with Hollandaise sauce is of of the yummiest things in the world). This is what I did:

Recipe under the cut )

I expect this could also be a side dish for a sunday dinner or similar, but I quite like it as a light lunch. You could add a poached egg if you need a bit more protein; being all migrainey I just wanted vitamins today.


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