May. 7th, 2017

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I went to the Visit Wakefield Wakey Tweetup last night and am a teeny bit delicate. If you have a hangover, you need protein and you need vitamins. Therefore Eggs In Purgatory is the way to go. Nigella's original version is here for those who want to compare and contrast.

My version under the cut )

I hope you enjoyed this trip through my hungover cooking abilities. The breakfast really was very good.
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I went for something very simple this week, because I am currently not in my own house/kitchen. I was therefore suffering from a lack of store-cupboard ingredients, plus an unfamiliar oven and not really the right equipment. It was only after I bought the ingredients that I realised that I had no weighing scales. Therefore I used a method of vaguely converting grams to tablespoons, plus some guesswork.

It was sort of based on this recipe, though: Rhubarb crumble. But I used caster sugar for both rhubarb bit and crumble bit, and I think I used less sugar than the recipe suggested as mine was quite tart, but still good. The crumble bit also wasn't as crumbly as I'd ideally like, but again, still good. I added in some oats to the crumble for good measure. I was also a bit drunk as I was drinking some sparkling wine while I was making this.

Conclusion: crumbles are VERY forgiving.



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