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Adapted from a [twitter.com profile] MxJackMonroe recipe, and twiddled with until it turned out right. I found the original recipe quite vague: for all her many qualities, Jack doesn't seem to grasp the distinction between baking powder and bicarbonate of soda.

This recipe is vegan and gluten-free if you use gluten-free flour; if you absolutely must use gluten-free flour (oh look at me, I'm so special, I'll die if I eat basic staples) then you'll probably want to add a little more liquid at the liquid-adding stage. What liquid-adding stage, you ask? Bear with me. I'm getting there.

(Yes, I know I'm several weeks late for Challenj #10. I've been busy and this recipe took four tries to get right. I'm catching up.)

Recipe! )

20160215234601_IMG_4627 20160215234702_IMG_4630
Note the remains of Unsuccessful Attempt #3 in the background of these pics of Totally Successful Attempt #4.

It's great served in thick slices, still warm, with a generous helping of butter. Once it's cold it's brilliant for pork sausage sandwiches.


Got any of that pink appley-flavoured liquid left? Squeeze another lime or eight into it (remembering, as always, pajh's Rules For Life #2), and add a slosh to a shot of vodka (for a Moscow Mule) or bourbon (for a Kentucky Mule). Optional dash of bitters, fill the glass with cracked ice, and top up with ginger beer. This totally counts as one of your five-a-day.

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Nothing like some comfort food on a really blustery day. I made a baked apple crisp, similar in style to Jennie's pie and to her measurements of "some." But every time I make this, my friend's nieces and nephew are very happy.

My tummy is full of this apple goodness )Since you can see I have some other apples in the background that need eating, and not even thinking about it, I'd bought a loaf of apple oat bread, I might have to make a sandwich by toasting the bread, adding some of my sharp white cheddar cheese with cracked black pepper and some sliced raw apple for crunch. I'm not sure yet - I'll see what the taste buds say later. Because right now they're thinking about that caramel-y apple gooey goodness we ate.
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This week's challenge is to make something using apples. It could be pork with apple sauce or baked apples or apple chutney or anything you like.

I decided to go trad and make apple pie... ) I haven't sorted out how I'm going to do photo hosting on here yet, but I put a picture up on G+: https://plus.google.com/107327840945769637479/posts/WCibKprTMj6

And now it's your turn :)


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