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OK, so, I had 800g of Rhubarb, a bottle of champagne we got free at Christmas, and a jar of Opies' stem ginger in syrup to kill. This is what I did:

Firstly, cut the rhubarb into 1cm chunks, and threw it in a big pan with 300g sugar, 600ml water, and all the syrup from the jar of stem ginger. Bring it to the boil and then let it simmer for 15-20 minutes, until the rhubarb lumps are tender and the liquid is pink and rhubarby. You now have some nice tender rhubarb chunks and a lot of pink, sweet, rhubarb-with-a-hint-of-gingery liquid, and can move on to the actual recipes:
Rhubarb Fizz Jellies )
Rhubarb and Ginger Muffins )
Rhubarb Bucks' Fizz/Mimosas - with picture )
Rhubarb Gin Cocktail )

So there we go, four nice easy recipes to use up some store cupboard staples. I think I might have to send some of the muffins to school with daughter, though...
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I went for something very simple this week, because I am currently not in my own house/kitchen. I was therefore suffering from a lack of store-cupboard ingredients, plus an unfamiliar oven and not really the right equipment. It was only after I bought the ingredients that I realised that I had no weighing scales. Therefore I used a method of vaguely converting grams to tablespoons, plus some guesswork.

It was sort of based on this recipe, though: Rhubarb crumble. But I used caster sugar for both rhubarb bit and crumble bit, and I think I used less sugar than the recipe suggested as mine was quite tart, but still good. The crumble bit also wasn't as crumbly as I'd ideally like, but again, still good. I added in some oats to the crumble for good measure. I was also a bit drunk as I was drinking some sparkling wine while I was making this.

Conclusion: crumbles are VERY forgiving.

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Actual Rhubarb, not sotto voce actor's mutterings. And yes, I realise that as I live so close to the Rhubarb Triangle I have it easier than some of the rest of you might. SorryNotSorry.


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