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I used a swede in my recipe this week (large orange thing).

I made this recipe: Good old BBC Good Food. Just don't believe its lies that this recipe takes 30 minutes... It took me about an hour. But then a large portion of that was trying to chop up the swede.

Et voila:

I did not chop off the fat from the bacon - I used it to fry the onion and other veg rather than using oil. I also do not have indiviual pie pots, so divided the recipe between two larger dishes.

This is a very tasty recipe. Most things are enhanced by adding bacon and the swede is no exception. Veg-phobic boyfriend rated it as "delicious".

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 I went about the turnip challenge in the terribly imaginative way of Googling for turnip recipes, and came across this little recipe for turnips cooked with the green parts. Then off I went to the supermarket, where I discovered that supermarket turnips don't come with green parts. No worries, though! There's spinach in the fridge that needs eating.

And instead of six medium turnips, I bought four medium turnips and one big one:
(Sadly not an Enormous Turnip, but you do what you can.)

What I did:

 - Sauteed the onion with dried sage, then realised that I needed to do way more prep and had sauteed too early, so I stuck it on a low heat.
 - discovered that one peels turnips, and that either they're really easy to peel or we have the greatest vegetable peeler in the world.
 - ended up using the big turnip and two little turnips, without changing any of the other proportions, leading me to believe that they were in fact Big turnips and Medium turnips are in fact quite small. So I did have an enormous turnip after all.
 - put the water on to blanche the middle aged spinach a little too late so everything went on hold.
 - possibly burned some turnip.
 - Sauteed the turnips and the apple with the sage&onion and apple juice/vinegar/spinach water quite nicely after the possible burning.
 - mixed it all together and served!
As the roommate said: "The problem is, you used turnips, and turnips aren't very tasty."
In hindsight, more seasoning may be the way to go. I'm a terrible undercondimenter.

And to top it all off, my attempt at ice cream for dessert is also failing :(

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Also known as "Dave makes it up as he goes along". Which has pretty much always been my approach to cookery. Its why I'd like to think I'm not a bad cook, but I was terrible at chemistry practicals.

So I was going to do roast turnips, parsnips and a nice piece of slow roasted pork shoulder. However the oven's broken, and while it lights, it doesn't stay on unless you hold the gas down.

So we shall follow emergency protocol 7. Buy something else and throw everything into a wok and see what happens.

First make a variant on [personal profile] gominokouhai's apple sauce recipe:

Peel and chop two green apples. Fry quickly in some oil with ginger (I used ground ginger, but fresh would probably be better). Cover with water rather than cider, and add Kaffir Lime leaves. (And no sugar as I was using sweet green apples). Taste, and find that the lime leaves have had no effect that I can discern, but the ginger definitely does.

In a wok fry some spring onions, garlic, whatever herbs you feel like, and when they are soft add sliced tenderloin of pork. Fry a bit more and add some of the apple mixture, a large slosh of white wine vinegar, and finish cooking.

Parboil a chopped peeled turnip and parsnip, and then fry them together with some rosemary in a separate pan until caramelised to your liking.

Serve with Kale, and either a dry cider, or in my case a bottle of Bath Ales' Barnsey, a dark bitter.

Looks, frankly awful. Tastes rather good. 'Tis definitely how to make turnips acceptable to most people I think.

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This week's challenge is to cook something edible with turnips (or swede - what is the difference anyway? Not enough for challenge purposes, that's fer sure!)

It's not that I'm like Baldrick, and dream of having my own enormous turnip in the country. It's just that my veg box has TWO of them in this week, so I'm going to need to push myself into doing something with them that I can bear to eat. Which will be a turnip for the books. Ehehehehehe.


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