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I'm not really revisiting, since I wasn't here the first time. :)

But hey! I made this today, and it definitely fits under the umbrella of Challenge # 5, Eggs! I love eggs, they're so delicious, versatile and relatively high in protein. This recipe is basically cobbled together with several health-conscious (high protein, low-carb) recipes on the web and whatever I had on hand. Best of all worlds, really.

Okay, let's get started.

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I went to the Visit Wakefield Wakey Tweetup last night and am a teeny bit delicate. If you have a hangover, you need protein and you need vitamins. Therefore Eggs In Purgatory is the way to go. Nigella's original version is here for those who want to compare and contrast.

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I hope you enjoyed this trip through my hungover cooking abilities. The breakfast really was very good.
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Yes, I know the egg challenge was last week, but it only just occurred to me that Eggs Benedict exists and that, as a result, this needed to be created. Version #1 involved poaching eggs in the plastic microwaveable dish borrowed from the commercial kitchen upstairs. It was an unmitigated disaster and, while photographs exist, none of them capture the full horror of what was created, so I shan't post them here. Version #2 involved use of the clinging film method, which rocks. I can't believe I've never done this before.

Thus, with recipe steps in approximately the right order:

Eggs Cumberbatch

  1. Take Cumberland sausagemeat and form into patties. The woman in the butchers just slit open a couple of Cumberland sausages and handed me the stuff out of the insides, so that's what you can do, too, if you don't happen to have sausagemeat to hand. Two (gigantic) sossinges made four generously-sized patties.
  2. Fry patties over a reasonably high heat. They should take eight to ten minutes, so when they're half done, turn them over and put the eggs on to poach.
    • Seriously, use the clinging film method. It's amazing.
      Poaching eggs

      So awesome.

  3. Put muffins on to toast.
  4. Steam some spinach. Not too much!
    • Since I am a posh New Town bastard, I own a steamer now. It was left in the flat by the previous occupant. It's all right, but no better than holding a sieve over a pan of boiling water. It does however save on using another hob.
  5. Arrange items as follows: one half of toasted muffin, atop which a pile of spinach, atop which a sossinge patty, atop which a negg.
  6. Since I am not yet totally degenerate, debauched, depraved, and other words beginning with ‘de-’, not to mention perverse, effete, and wanton, which don't, I get my Hollandaise out of a jar. Frankly, it's about the worst Hollandaise I've ever et, but it beats the hell out of melting butter at exactly 45°–60° in the vain hope that some proteins might emulsify—especially while simultaneously trying to toast bread and wilt spinach. Jarred Hollandaise works much better if you warm it up first, though. Ladle it on.
  7. Serve the other muffin half on the side.
    Eggs Cumberbatch


    Eggs Cumberbatch


    Keep a nice plate of it in your kitchen, to entice Benedict.

    The Cumberland sausage is for phonetic consonance and the spinach is because there's something Sherlocky about it. It might just be the colour of his coat, but for some reason it reminds me of his hair, too. On reflection, the Hollandaise is in this recipe purely for hysterical raisins of a Benedictine nature: I think it might work better with some sort of smoky tomato sauce, instead.

    One serving constitutes an extremely substantial brunch. Two servings are probably more than you want to eat for dinner.

    S V F X

    Jun. 28th, 2012 10:48 am
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    Challenge #5: Eggs: Egg Fried Rice

    Some rice
    Some vegetables (chopped)
    Some nuts
    Some eggs (beaten)
    Peanut oil, soy sauce, coriander.

    1. If the rice is already cooked (e.g. because it is from Last Night's Chinese Takeway) go to step 2. Otherwise, cook the rice
    2. Heat a large dollop of peanut oil in the largest frying pan you have. Add the cooked rice and stir-fry it
    3. Add the vegetables and nuts, and stir through the rice until cooked.
    4. Make a well in the middle of the rice, right through to the frying pan bottom. Pour in the beaten eggs and scramble them until scrambled. Then stir into the rest of the rice.
    5. Add soy sauce and coriander.
    6. Eat.
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    This is how my brain works: eggs are great for protein, but they are also bad for hearty/circulationy things because of their high nasty fat content. How can I make them better? I know! GARLIC!

    Garlic Scrambled Eggs

    Meal: Breakfast
    Serves: One
    Fatteningness: lots

    • Two eggs
    • Butter
    • One clove of garlic*
    • Black pepper
    • Something to serve the eggs on - toast is traditional, but I used potato waffles

    • Finely (very finely) chop or crush the garlic
    • Slowly heat the butter in a saucepan; when it's stopped frothing add the garlic and take it off the heat so it cooks out really slowly
    • Put your bread/waffles in the toaster.
    • Break your eggs directly into the pan, put the pan back on the heat, and stir constantly with a wooden spoon
    • Grind the pepper into the cooking eggs
    • Keep stirring
    • Remove the pan from the heat about 30 seconds before the eggs are cooked; you don't want them overdone and they keep cooking in the pan.
    • Plate up your toast/waffles and put the eggs on top
    • Eat
    • Enjoy breathing all over your collegues all day
    • Enjoy farting eggy AND garlicky farts all night

    * anybody who thinks I would ACTUALLY use a mere one clove of garlic in this has never met me. I generally use at least 3. At least.
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    Makes 4, serves 2

    1 egg yolk
    1tsp water
    1tsp white wine vinegar
    100g salted butter
    2 English muffins (split) or 4 crumpets
    4 eggs 4 rashers unsmoked back bacon

    First, make your Hollandaise. Wait, what? I have to explain this? Oh, cock.

    1. Half-fill a small pan with boiling water. Take a large bowl, and check that it’ll sit on top of the pan without the water touching the bottom. Put the pan on the lowest heat your hob can do—you want occasional tiny bubbles raising from the bottom, not even a simmer.
    2. Melt the butter in another pan.
    3. Whisk the egg yolk, vinegar, and water together in the bowl. Put it over the pan with water, and whisk for a couple of minutes. If it starts going lumpy or scrambling, it’s too fucking hot. Stop, clean up, and start again. It’ll slowly get pale and increase in volume. This is good.
    4. Slowly drizzle the butter into the bowl. Keep it over the heat. Whisk all the time. When it gets lovely and thick and unctuous, take the bowl off the heat and set aside.

    Now, prep the whole thing. Each person gets two crumpets (or one muffin, split). Toast them to your satisfaction. Fry the bacon and place one on top of each crumpet. Top each with a poached egg.

    Oh, fuck off.


    1. Use the freshest eggs you can get. Crack them into bowls or ramekins.
    2. Pan of boiling water. Add 1tbsp vinegar and a pinch of salt. Bring it to a rolling boil.
    3. Gently tip the eggs in to the water. You can do two at once, but no more.
    4. Set a timer for 3 minutes (add 30 seconds if using large eggs rather than medium).
    5. Extract the eggs with a slotted spoon and rest on a sheet of kitchen roll. If doing multiple batches, wait for the water to reach a rolling boil once more.

    Right. Two crumpets. One rasher bacon per. One poached egg per. A really generous spoonful of sauce over each one.

    Get it down you.

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    Take some rice, one to one and a half eggs per person, a nice big portion of smoked haddock fillet (generally best if its skinless), a couple of small red onions (because they look prettier) and as many peas as you want. You will want some, although asparagus spears could work very nicely. Hard boil the eggs, boil the rice until done (add the peas about five minutes before the rice is done). Poach the haddock in some milk for about 10-15 minutes. While this is going on start frying the onion, adding salt, pepper, and whatever other herbs and spices you like. I put a bit of cayenne pepper in, but mustard powder would work well. By the time the onions have started softening the eggs should be done, so peel and chop them. Drain the haddock and break into flakes, and add the eggs, rice, peas, and fish to the pan with a little milk, and some frehs chives and parsley. Stir it about for a minute or so.

    Serve with a wedge of lemon or lime.

    F U N E X?

    Jun. 26th, 2012 05:53 pm
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    Since I'm now a big-shot manager I've had no time to do anything and I've been eating a lot of take-away pizza. Additionally, I now live in a flat with the worst antiquated electric hob since they bulldozed the last postwar prefab. I think the people at the end of Threads had a better cooker. As a result, the most exciting thing I've cooked in the last three weeks has been a Bachelors Pasta ‘n’ Sauce. So while this might not be the most inventive brunch you've ever seen, it's infinity per cent better than my regular fare:

    Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

    There are eleventy billion ways to cook scrambled eggs. This is my way. It works.

    1. Turn on the heat under the frying pan. The high end of medium but not full blast. Go away and read a book for half an hour.
    2. Stick a knob of butter and a small splash of milk into the pan. Not too much milk or you'll get wet eggs. The only difficult bit in this recipe is guessing in advance how much milk is too much, and that's what practice is for.
    3. When the butter's melted, give the pan a shoogle to mix it all up. Grind a generous amount of black pepper into the pan (do it now because you won't have time in a minute). No salt. Never add salt to eggs until you're finished cooking them. In any case you're about to add salty, salty fish.
    4. A dash of chilli sauce (I'm never going back to Tabasco, I can't, I won't, but you can use it if it's all you have). This step is optional, but trust me.
    5. Crack three eggs into the pan and, by the time you've washed the egg goop off your fingers, they'll have started to set. Scribble about in the pan with a wooden spoon.
    6. Dump in a generous handful of smoked salmon chopped up into scraps. I've got some fantastic oak-smoked stuff from the farmers' market, but Tesco Value smoked salmon does the job perfectly well. (Don't get that because it's Tesco, but the equivalent cheap stuff from non-Workfare-using supermarkets is fine.) This step is also optional, but it wouldn't be much of a scrambled eggs with smoked salmon if you skip it.
    7. Continue scribbling.
    8. Take the pan off the heat half a minute before it's done to your liking. The eggs will continue to cook in the residual heat.

    Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon

    Served with crumpets because I didn't have any muffins. And it was fabulous.

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    I would have photographic evidence of my cobbled-together creation, however I can't find my camera. I've added it to my list of "Stuff Dine Can't Find" along with my floppy summer hat, the remote to my Apple TV (which without it, it's an unuseable black paperweight) and my mind.

    Anyway, this was per the suggestion of Mom and it made for a nice light summery dinner-snack

    Egg-crepe with fresh strawberries:
    Chop several nice organic strawberries into small bits, add a little raw sugar or in today's case, a bit of splenda since I have to weigh in tomorrow morning and had fish and chips earlier
    Whip up one egg with a little water (I played around a bit and added a touch of coconut milk and a dab of cornstarch along with a dash each of cinnamon sugar and ground nutmeg)
    Spray medium sized skillet with nonstick spray (butter flavored helps) and tip pan around until the egg mixture coats the bottom
    Realize after a bit that I should've just stuck with water as it keeps breaking apart, load on the macerated strawberries anyway
    End up with more of an "thin egg omelet with strawberries" but enjoy thoroughly anyway :)
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    Resurrecting the Weekly Food Challenge, I shall choose the common symbol of rebirth.

    Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to cook something with eggs.


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