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I'd meant to pack bento boxes all week for more than one entry into the packed lunches challenge but sometimes things just get too chaotic if you don't plan well enough. Anyway, the beginning of the week went well with a lunch containing half already prepared food

It was one of those days that I knew I'd be there for quite some time so I packed a filling lunch containing:
Three Trader Joe's stuffed grape leaves (vegetarian yumminess)
Rye Triscuit crackers and Armenian cheese
Sandwich with whole grain bread with seeds and cranberries, roasted turkey and a light smear of light mayo
Organic seedless grapes
I also packed a chocolate caramel piece but you know it was a crazy day when I didn't get around to eating chocolate.

Since I don't have a nearby fridge and the use of the office microwave isn't always known since it's located in a well-used conference room, I try to pack lunches that will survive the day well enough packed in my insulated lunch bag with a reusable ice pack wrapped around it. 

One thing that I made but ended up going home for lunch and heating up to eat rather than packing them cold (which cold would've been fine but I was in a rush all week in the mornings) were chicken and pinenut mini-burgers/meatballs from this recipe. I didn't bother with any mini buns since I really didn't need them. I couldn't believe how well the toasted pinenuts combined - SUPER tasty.

I want to do a better job of packing lunches next week and some of the things that I already have that I need to get some fresh items to combine with them are dried pesto tortellini (which I'll make a cold pasta salad by tossing in artichoke hearts, chopped bell peppers in any color but green, some form of protein like organic chicken or similar and spritzing on some balsamic vinegar and a little extra virgin olive oil), brie and apples (now that I know the handy trick of chopping the apples then soaking them briefly in either ginger ale or lemon or orange juice to keep them from browning), hard boiled eggs, hard salami, tomato bruschetta and/or olive tapenade on little toasted bread rounds. A couple of weeks ago I packed a kid-like lunch by making a fun sort of sushi-like roll by taking a low-carb wheat tortilla, painting stripes of chocolate-almond paste and peanut butter on it, rolling a banana in the center and cutting it into small chunks. To keep the banana from browning, I painted the tops with a thin coating of strawberry jam.

Hopefully that stirs up a few ideas for things to pack for lunch!
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This week, a request from [dreamwidth.org profile] innerbrat who wants recipes for packed lunches. Salads, sarnies, pasties, etc

There's a restriction on this one. You can use any piece of kit you like to make it, but once its cold you can't reheat it. So no bowls of last night's stew I'm afraid.

Have at it folks!


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