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I'm new to Dreamwidth and this community seems really cool! I probably won't try to fully catch up, but I'll share a few of my recipes that fit with past themes. Just a warning, though, I don't really keep track of measurements.

  • [#1 - Apples] Apple chutney
  • [#8 - Citrus fruit] Orange-pepper chicken
  • [#15 - Oats] Cereal bars
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Take a lump of dead bird. It doesn't particularly matter what kind of dead bird. Chicken generally works best, as its available in small enough lumps, and doesn't have a particularly delicate flavour that would be overwhelmed by what's about to happen to it. The only thing that is essential is that you have the skin still on it.

Get a roasting dish that's big enough for your chicken lumps, and plonk them in, skin side up. Squeeze an appropriate number of lemons or limes and add the juice to the pan. If cooking more than two you'll probably need more than one (and you'll almost certainly need more than one lime). You'll want a reasonable quantity sloshing around the dish. Sprinkle some salt over the skins (it helps them crisp up) and liberally dust with seasonings of your choice- paprika, chilli powder, etc. (This is exactly the right time for the Dave Lister chilli dosing technique). Roast in the oven for about 25 minutes or so (exact times will vary depending on size and type of poultry lump, and you may have to twiddle with the heat to get the skin to be properly crispy (although the salt helps in that respect).

Serve with a baked potato, and seasonal vegetables, and if you add as much chilli powder as I do, I'd suggest either an IPA or a good quality lager (Budvar, Peroni, etc) to cool you down afterwards.

At this point we face a dilemma. You can either discard the juices from the pan. Or you can use them to make really sour gravy that basically tastes of lemon juice and brown. If anyone has any ideas about how to solve this last problem I'd really like to hear it, because it ought to be a good base for a sauce.
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Sorry about missing last week.

Lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges (sweet, bitter, mandarin, and blood), uglis, citrons, tangerines, and satsumas, and a whole host of things I'd never heard of.



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