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Weekly Food Challenge

A challenge for cooks every Wednesday

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Name:Weekly Food Challenge
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a cooking challenge & recipe sharing community
Every Wednesday a moderator will post a challenge; this might be a particular ingredient, or a cuisine, or a dietary restriction, or a method of cooking, to give some examples.

Over the following week members are invited to cook something to the brief set in the challenge and post pictures and recipes. You can post publicly or member-locked, it's up to you; and we tend to interpret challenges quite broadly so don't feel nervous about jumping in.

All challenges are as inclusive as possible: for example, we will never post a challenge that cannot be completed by vegetarians, and we welcome gluten free variants, vegan cheese, etc.

New challenges and important announcments will be tagged "!modpost" for ease of tracking/subscription.

A note on tagging of posts: we try to keep tags useful for ingredient searches etc. With that in mind:
  • Only mods can create tags, but anyone can add them (this is so that there are not lots of different tags for the same thing)
  • Please only use the challenge tag during the week of the challenge. For "revisited" posts, tag with the appropriate ingredient/cuisine/course etc.
  • If you see a post which doesn't have the appropriate tags feel free to add them, especially if it could be tagged vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free.
  • If a new tag is added that you feel might fit one of your old recipe posts, do feel free to go back and add it
  • Don't be surprised if your entry suddenly sprouts a bunch of new tags you didn't put on it as new tags get added
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