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I went to the Visit Wakefield Wakey Tweetup last night and am a teeny bit delicate. If you have a hangover, you need protein and you need vitamins. Therefore Eggs In Purgatory is the way to go. Nigella's original version is here for those who want to compare and contrast.


- one hungover human
- a small non stick pan (milk pan size)
- a wooden spoon
- a hob
- a box grater


- one 400g tin of tomatoes
- Henderson's relish
- Encona Extra Hot Hot sauce
- garlic granules, because who can be arsed crushing garlic when you're hungover, amirite?
- Oregano
- Salt and pepper
- whatever form of fruit juice you have in or like best - this morning I had Cherry Good Cherry juice
- An Egg
- Italian Hard cheese - I used Gran Pardano this morning because that's what we've got in, but parmesan is fine.
- a couple of slices of crusty bread. Whatever you have in. I had the end of a LoveBread Chili cheese loaf this morning #score


- Put the tin of tomatoes in the pan. The pan should be small enough that the tin of tomatoes about half fills it.
- Add a good slug of Hendo's, the Hot sauce, Garlic granules, Oregano, and salt and pepper to taste; bring to the boil.
- Turn the heat down so it's simmering and reducing a bit.
- Realise that you are fantastically thirsty and chug most of the juice directly from the carton.
- Moan softly and clutch your head.
- While the tomato sauce is reducing, and your head is pounding, grate the hard cheese using the fine side of the grater.
- Crack the egg directly into the tomatoes, so it poaches in the sauce.
- Sprinkle some of the parmesan over the white of the egg, trying and failing to avoid getting it on the yolk. Who has that level of coordination with a hangover?
- Realise that you grated far too much parmesan because you are hung over and not concentrating.
- This is what it looks like when it's nearly done:
a pan of eggs in purgatory, bubbling
(click through to embiggen)
- When it's done, the hard cheese that you managed to get on the egg's white will have melted.
- Put the whole lot in a bowl; sprinkle over the remaining parmesan.
- Eat with a spork and by dipping the bread into the sauce. At some point the egg yolk will burst and ooze out; if that is glorious and lovely you're going to survive. If it makes you queasy you're even more hung over than me.

I hope you enjoyed this trip through my hungover cooking abilities. The breakfast really was very good.
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